Week 8

I love Poppies. I will never get enough. Went to a local nursery and didn’t have my ‘fancy camera’ but that was ok my phone’s camera takes great images too! I love the colors in poppies and love the way they reach to the sky!

In just over a month, the national poppy festival will take place here in Southern California and it’s always been on my bucket list, I can hardly wait!  So more poppies to come soon! 😊

 Happy week everyone!

Week 7

I’m loving the California weather. It allows me to get out a lot easier to photograph during the winter months, even if it’s just in the backyard. My mother-in-law has all sorts of plants and flowers surrounding her home and sometimes I just walk around the yard and see what I find. I loved how this palm tree looked like it had many eyes. I also like how the higher ISO gave it a grainy feel.

IMG_021018mm, f/3.5, ss 1/200, ISO800
Happy week everyone! 😊

Week 6

A little busy the past couple weeks but I have been shooting, just unable to post. With my being so busy, sometimes getting a picture seems like it’s tough. But sometimes you never know when you might find something and often it’s little moments like this that will be cherished down the road. Here is my little Isaak completing his homework. It may not be much but for me it’s a photo I will love now and later.
IMG_020935mm, f/2, ss 1/200, ISO 800 Happy week!