I’ve been having some issues with my camera trying to load pictures and spent all week trying to get them loaded to no avail.  I decided I would go ahead and post a few of my faves from last year and also a picture I was able to get off my phone from Texas for last weeks post…because even though I know no one is counting…I am 😉

I took this photo in late January of 2011 in Denver, Colorado in the first month of my 365.  We were at an old train museum and our friend’s son was having a birthday party on the train car.  It was a great setting and a perfect moment I captured of my husband and Isaak.  Can you all tell how much he adores his children?  Anyhow, the date on here shows March 2nd because I was on bed rest in the hospital and things got really bad on the second and I was unable to take a photo…I decided that 2 months premature labor gave me a pretty darn good excuse not to snap that day and my sweet Eneli came the next day.

This one was taken just before my daughter was to come home from her 2 month NICU stay.  One of my last moments with only 3 under one roof.  I often don’t get in front of the camera because I am too busy behind it…but I got all my settings good to go and had my husband snap it.  My children need to know they did have a mom too! 😉

This next shot (or I should say shots) was one of the first photos I really played around in photoshop with.  This is two pictures one on top of the other with a few masking and blending techniques.  I was pretty proud of this one.

And this one, well I just loved it’s simplicity.  One blossom with the setting sunlight hitting it in just the right spot.  I love this one!

I took a few pictures from Texas with my phone and was very surprised when I saw this one pop up.  Not sure why my phone camera did this but I thought it was pretty cool.  It is a photo of a Mariachi band playing at a very good restaurant that my mom treated us to.  I love Mariachi music and it makes me smile so I was a bit bummed when my photo did not turn out but in the end it was a cool effect!

Since I am posting this a week late, I trust you all had a happy week! 😉


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  1. Angeline M says:

    Great photos! I love them all. When I had my Droid phone, the camera did some of the ghost shots like your Mariachi photo above. Neat outcome!

  2. Natalie says:

    I absolutely LOVE the one with you and your boys! Such a beautiful moment. And I’m sure a rare quiet one, too!

    • Ninali says:

      Thanks Natalie! Yes I must admit those were the days…last night I stayed up till 2am just for the peace and quiet…sigh…some day it will return and I will miss the chaos right? 😉

  3. doncarroll says:

    you have some great photos here. obviously the top two are of immense sentimental value. if your twins were as old as your oldest son, i really think they would all pass as triplets. though there is a difference, it doesn’t look like there would be much in their appearance. in the same token, they could really show a big change as they get older. cool that you read to them as it can surely help them later on in how the world works. also nice photo of you. you should definitely be proud of that 3rd photo. it’s really a nice blend. the capture of the water is exquisite. the flower in its bursting with the sun also nice. i wonder if cameras have an extended time thing where it could actually capture its bloom from beginning to end. last one pretty cool as well. that guy in the left of the photo, (the one 2nd from left) almost looks like a tyrant if you can visualize whom i’m thinking of.
    i had a great past couple of weeks as i was in north carolina. i went to raleigh for an open mic and read a couple of pieces and another said, nice stuff. hope you get everything running right with your camera:) this i don’t think is a standard post…*LOL*

    • Ninali says:

      Thanks Don! Good to hear you had a great time, and although I don’t get to comment all the time I do read your stuff and find it is all very good…I just don’t always have the time to comment. At least you forgive me because I have a good excuse right 😉 Thanks for your continued comments I really do appreciate all you have to say 🙂

      • doncarroll says:

        hi ninali….i see you got through my long winded comment…hahaha. i was unaware that you found my stuff very good. that is good to hear:) as to commenting or leaving likes. generally this is how i handle it. i’ll throw a bunch of likes as if commenting. the difference is if you throw the like, you have a couple of choices – one is you can delete that email and you will never see it again, or you can come back to it and comment. leaving comments for everyone can be a tall task. leaving likes and deleting that email you won’t have to worry about it again. it’s not like they won’t post again and you can still see some recent posts before their latest one. the way i look at it is if i get a like, it is just as good as a comment. in any case, i thought i’d let you know how i found out the way it works. if you know that i’m wasting my breath..*L*. anytime for leaving comments in regards to your photos:)

  4. Cara Olsen says:

    I took my time, pausing on each photo and appreciating what makes you great. You really are, too. Your sister-in-law is in for something special. And I bet God had it planned that way; that you would be the one to rescue her and in return she is given the blessing of an amazing photographer and you are able to bless Him with your gifts.

    The one of you with your children: my heart melted, Ninali. The peace on each of their faces as they sit with their mommy, it’s evident. Your expression I just love! Though we can’t see your eyes, an exuberance is written all over your mouth. I can imagine your voice as you read them that story, filling their heads with wonder and delight.
    The kissing photo is quite a gem, too. What a precious moment to have been able to catch.

    Love to you!
    ~ Cara

    • Ninali says:

      That one is one of my faves for sure…the blanket behind us bothers me but oh well…I was still learning and wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings when I set my settings, the little things right? 😉

      I do hope you are right and that I can at least be decent for my SIL. I have these visions of what I need to do and how I will do it and then I ask myself how will I be able to do it all by myself. My wedding had 2 photogs to catch the moments, I can already see myself running around like a crazy chicken to try and capture the kids coming down the isle throwing flowers and running back down to the other side so as to capture the groom’s face when he sees her the first time…oh man, this is going to be comical!! LOL!

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