Week 35

It’s been crazy over here.  I am packing and getting this family of 6 ready for a 1784 mile road trip to California (It’s official, I think I am certifiable or a masochist take your pick). Not only am I taking 4 children across half this country, I have also agreed to help my husband’s sister in a pinch and photograph her wedding…so those titles definitely apply!  Everything is ordered and all the gear is packed, the only thing I need is for this HUGE ball of nerves in my gut to GO AWAY! :-| This is how I know I could never take photography a step further, deep in my head I know I am not strong enough to stomach if I fail miserably and ruin something for someone.  We’ll see how I feel next Friday after I finish, but I am a wreck ya’ll!!

This week has been busy and I haven’t had a lot of time but I did manage to snap a few in some natural light in hopes of more practice for the wedding.  This one of Eneli made me laugh because she was quite angry with me after putting those pigtails in and that look is some serious death threats!

f/1.8 ss1/125 ISO200 35mm

I am thrilled to get my hands on my rental lenses this week.  A Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, Nikon 50mm f/1.4G, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II…only downside…I am REALLY going to want them when I am done :D

Happy rest of your week everyone…hopefully I can post from Cali but not sure of my net access yet.  Wish me calmness and fantastic pictures next Friday and we’ll see if I am brave enough to share them with you all ;)

Week 34

This week was pretty much getting into the swing of things since it was PT’s first full week of school.  I was exhausted!  Having to keep a pretty tight schedule with the young ones is a chore in itself, let alone trying to get things done for the day.  I am sure we will all be in the flow of things very soon but I wasn’t expecting it to be so demanding. :)

We were out a lot this week, the weather has been really nice and we are taking advantage while we can.  The kids miss PT when he is gone all day so they really enjoy playing with him when he comes home.  I took the opportunity one afternoon to snap away and came out with a few shots I like.  This first one of Mateo is softened up a bit.  I really like the composition of the photo and then especially liked the feel when playing with it a bit in photoshop.

f/2 ss1/125 ISO100 35mm

I love it when they play nicely together, which more often than not is NOT the case :roll: I am pretty certain that about .5 seconds after I snapped this, they were fighting over those blocks!f/2 ss1/1000 ISO100 35mm

Liked the DOF on this one, and how that leaf touches in just a tad out of the blur but still not focused.f/2.8 ss1/160 ISO100 35mm

Eneli has been on a mission lately.  The other day while working on something out she popped from around the corner with one of her brother’s t-shirts on correctly and everything!  I thought it was funny that my 17 month old was already trying to dress herself.  On this particular morning I actually caught her in the process and even though she didn’t quite get that shirt on right she isn’t doing too bad at all ;)f/1.8 ss1/25 ISO200 35mm

That’s all for this week.  My sister-in-law’s wedding is in 3 weeks…I am slowly starting to crumble on the inside…but gear is all reserved and am in the process of researching other wedding work so I can map out a plan.  I am so glad I never want to go pro, not sure my gut would ever survive!

Happy week all!

Week 33

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

PT started Kindergarten this week and even though it has only been a couple days (yesterday and today) he is really enjoying it!  His icecream social was earlier this week where he was able to meet his teacher and we took the opportunity to snap a few pics at his school’s sign.  Good thing we did too because it was raining on the first day. Here are a few from my many shots this week.

Hubs will be dropping him off everyday so I had to snap as they began to walk away.  Got to love it when your neighbor has a cool classic truck ;) Has to be one of my most favorite shots taken this year so far.f/1.8 ss1/800 ISO400 35mm

Still snapping away, he turns and waves saying, “Bye Mom!” :cry: Awe, my little man, my heart melted.  f/1.8  ss1/160 ISO400 35mm

Hubs drops him off, I am in charge of picking him up!  PT’s siblings missed their big bro even though he was let out early the first day (it’s an all day Kinder for him) The twins were anxiously awaiting him and I was trying to get them all in the foreground here (that’s Isaak and Eneli’s head) but couldn’t quite manage.  There were lots of parents hovering everywhere and I think I was even lucky to get this shot :Df/1.8 ss1/800 ISO200 35mm

PT saying bye to his teacher.  I just really like the way this shot came out…so natural and pleasant.  Maybe it will be a nice gift for his teacher at Christmas.f/1.8 ss1/2000 ISO200 35mm

Even though he won’t admit it, I think PT missed his brothers too!f/5 ss1/320 ISO200 35mm

So, I survived his first day and he made it easy, look how confident he was before he left in this portrait of him.  I mean, really, I don’t ever remember having that much confidence at his age.  f/1.8 ss1/100 ISO400 35mm

I am so proud of him.  Time goes by fast…it’s my job to capture it for my memories and his.  I think I did good.  Hope you all think so too.

Happy week to you all…I feel good because I actually got my post up BEFORE the weekend…it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to manage that ;)